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Error on actual upload POST request : "Missing required header for this request: x-amz-content-sha256"

Performing the actual upload – "standard" upload type throws following error, Any thoughts ? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Error> <Code>InvalidRequest</Code> <Message>Missing required header for this request: x-amz-content-sha256</Message> <RequestId>ZQ00FXCJ0FM8A1Q0</RequestId> <HostId>BXZRrmQPV9k0nZbPEMsIXlkyyzNt70ITU8GgOKswW65nycUU3BEl1ddqUC8rN0yTTiZE3xqlGzQ=</HostId> </Error>

List Users

Hi, There is, by any chance, a documentation regarding the response model of the GET api/v1/users ? I am looking at the official documentation and i don't see anything related to this. I am trying to list all users from the system, together with the ones which have admin permission.

Does One Codex provide Javascript client library similar to what they have provided for Python?

First of all kudos to the One Codex Team for building such a convenient and simple interface (I tried using MG-RAST and it was way more complex than One Codex.) for metagenomic analysis. I am building an application on top of One Codex REST APIs. One of things that I am currently struggling with is to find a Javascript client library, similar to the Python client library already provided by the One Codex team. This will enable me to make my web application (only for research purpose) which requires features like - retrieving a private sample of a user (as mentioned in https://docs.onecodex.com/reference#get-sample-ifno). Long story short, is One Codex team having a similar Javascript library or are they planning to launch one in the near feature? Thanks.


DOes One Codex support SAML SSO

CLI vs curl

Thanks for the great work on the API. Everything seems to work fine. My question: Is there any reason one should prefer curl over CLI? (except perhaps it doesn't require any pip installs...) I ask this because I find CLI very convenient, and wasn't sure why an alternative was also being provided. Apologies if this is a stupid question! SB