Retrieve the sequence data (i.e., original FASTA or FASTQ file) for an individual sample. First POST to the download_uri endpoint for the individual sample. Then download the provided pre-signed download_uri link within the provided link expiration timeframe.

For premium platform account users, One Codex also acts as a secure, highly redundant backup copy of your sequence data and permits ad hoc retrieval of that data. Within our embedded Jupyter Notebooks, the underlying sequence data may be freely downloaded and further analyzed as it does result in bandwidth egress charges from our cloud environment.

Note that this route is a POST because it may incur retrieval charges for large amounts of data and so should not be repeatedly retried. Care should also be taken in porting code using the download_uri route from a notebook environment on the One Codex platform to an external environment (where downloads may be unavailable depending on your platform account level).