The One Codex API communicates errors with standard HTTP status codes with details supplied in JSON objects. The following general pattern applies:

2XX: We received, processed, and accepted a request.

3XX: More action is required in order to complete the request. We use redirects sparingly.

4XX: Client error. Common errors relate to invalid parameters or our inability to find and serve the requested resource.

5XX: Server error. An error occurred on our system(s) while handling the request.

HTTP Status Codes

200 success
201 created
202 accepted
204 no_content
302 redirect
304 not_modified
400 bad_request
401 unauthorized
403 forbidden
404 not_found
405 method_not_allowed
409 conflict
412 precondition_failed
429 too_many_requests
500 internal_server_error
503 unavailable

Error Response

An error message detailing why the request was unsuccessful.
HTTP status code


    "message": "The server could not verify that you are authorized to access the URL requested.  You either supplied the wrong credentials...",
    "status": 401