A Document is a file of any type that might be associated with a Sample or Analysis. Examples of such files include: FAST5 files form Oxford Nanopore, PDF reports generated by our notebook service, and Excel spreadsheets containing metadata.

Documents uploaded to One Codex are stored securely and can be shared with members of your organization. Uploading Documents requires two direct API calls: one to start the upload, and one to confirm that the upload succeeded. If you need to upload a compressed file over 20GB in size, please contact us for help at [email protected].

The below table summarizes all of the properties for the Document resource, with the JSON schema type of each property listed below in italics. Details on how to upload, modify, and retrieve Documents follow.

The document ID encoded as an addressable URI
Timestamp for when the document was created on the One Codex platform, encoded as a RFC 3339 timestamp
The document filename (e.g., "report.pdf")
The size of the uploaded file in bytes.
A reference to the user that uploaded and owns the document, e.g., {"$ref": "/api/v1/users/5891ee65711c4d5e"}. Only document owners can modify a sample (with some exceptions in the case of organization accounts configured for multiple users – please contact us if you'd like to discuss this use case).
array of strings
An (optionally empty) array of references to users that the document has been shared with. These users are able to download (but not modify) the document.